Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania
Meeting Date : Monday April 17th, 2017
Meeting Minutes

Parks Township

Board of Supervisors

April 17, 2017

The Parks Township Board of Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on April 17, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Community Building, 26 Jackson Street, North Vandergrift.

MEMBERS PRESENT:            F. L. Shannon, Chairman                                                    Paul R. Duriancik, Vice-Chairman                                                                                                                                                          Thomas M. Filo, III, Member                                             Mary E. Ralston, Secretary-Treasurer

VISITORS PRESENT:             Jay Start, Jeff Retter, Art Walker, Tom Passarelli, Julie Passarelli, Joe Seren

OTHERS PRESENT:                Chief Doug Ciuca, Parks Township Police

Mr. Shannon called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm following the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Copies of the Agenda, Minutes, Treasurer's Report, and Bill Payment List were posted on the bulletin board for review.  Public comments will be taken at the end of the meeting.  Mrs. Ralston was taping the meeting.

Mr. Duriancik made a motion to adopt the Minutes of the March 20, 2017 meeting and Mr. Filo seconded it.

Along with the Treasurer's Report, Mrs. Ralston included the following:

  • A letter from Mockenhaupt Benefits Group  stating the calculated interest due on the 2015 MMO underpayment of $17,321 (according to the finding contained in the Auditor General's 2014-2016 Compliance Audit of the Police Pension Plan) is $1,977.51.  Therefore, $19,298.51 should be deposited into the Police Pension Plan by March 31, 2017.  (This deposit was made on March 27, 2017.)

  • A summary from First Commonwealth Advisors showing all activity for the Police Pension Investment Funds for the first quarter of 2017; the unrealized gain for the quarter is $8,064.05.

  • A Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual Report for the General Fund for January 1 thru April 17, 2017.

  • A Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual Report for the State Fund for January 1 thru April 17,  2017.

Mr. Filo moved to accept the Treasurer's Report for March 2017; Mr. Duriancik seconded it; and, Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  Receipts were $182,740.90 and expenditures were $79,535.36 leaving a total balance of $280,491.72 (General Fund - $25,897.95; Capital Funds - $37.308.68; State Fund - $201,969.54; and Street Light Fund - $15,315.55).

Mr. Duriancik asked about the payment to Touch of Color and Mrs. Ralston told him it was for the repair to the Durango from where a rock hit it.  He then made a motion to approve the Bill Payment List for March 16 thru April 12, 2017; Mr. Filo seconded it; and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  Each Supervisor stipulated that his vote did not include anything pertaining to himself or any member of his family.


KVWPCA sent a copy of their February 15, 2017 Minutes.

PTMA sent a copy of their February 28, 2017 Minutes.

Consol Energy submitted a renewal application to DEP for drilling a Marcellus well in Allegheny Township.

Western PA Conservancy sent notification of a Gp-1 Permit Review for fish habitat enhancement structures for Carnahan Run.  The project location is along the Attinger, Burns, Byers, Breakey, Colder, and St. Pauls Highfield Lutheran Church properties along the Dime Road.  Construction is planned for summer of 2017.  Mr. Duriancik commented that this is an area that constantly gets flooded and wondered if this project will help that.


Police Report - Mrs. Ralston read the Police Report for March 1 thru March 31, 2017.

putting crossover pipes in; they've run into Maintenance Crew - Mr. Duriancik reported that the Crew has been working on the drainage project for Kepple HIll some obstacles with gas lines but five pipes have been installed so far.  There are still a few areas the Supervisors need to look at.  They rented a Track Hoe that saved a lot of work.  After a brief discussion, the Supervisors instructed the Secretary to set up a conference call with the Solicitor sometime the following week to discuss concerns about easements.


Parks Committee -  The Committee is real happy with the mulch at Kiskimere; they will be getting flowers for the Veteran's Memorial; they are starting to work on having a craft show as a fundraiser, but haven't selected a date yet; they would like the new grills installed before Memorial Day; and they are very happy with the mowing.  Mr. Duriancik added that the ruts at Kiskimere need fixed and Mr. Filo said he has some top soil lined up.  Mr. Duriancik added that an underdrain needs to be installed at Kiskimere; there is room for a 6" underdrain.  Mr. Filo said they have a trencher available that can dig 6" wide and the job would be done in no time.  Mr. Duriancik said that might work, but there is a lot of fill in there and he's not sure what they might get into.

Planning Commission -  The Committee started working on the floodplain requirements, to identify all the parcels that are located within or adjacent to the floodplain and set up the system for that.  They discussed the MS-4 Ordinance that has to be adopted, and since we will be responsible for education and outreach to the public, making a brochure to hand out to the public highlighting key points of the ordinance.  This would help meet the requirements for education.  They reviewed the list of blighted properties that was sent to the County, and everyone was real happy that the County might be getting involved with property maintenance issues.


Pump Station Road Update - Nothing new to report except to schedule a date to meet with ADM Welding to see what they would recommend.

Senate Engineering MS-4 Program Compliance - The Solicitor is working on the Ordinance and said several changes have to be made; it probably won't be available to adopt in May, but will definitely be completed for June.

Laurel Road D & G Project -  B Bros. Excavating called and would like to start on Monday, April 24th, weather permitting.  Mr. Gregg Smith has been notified, and Laurel Road will have to be closed while they are working on it.  B. Bros will be doing the one call; we will be responsible for notifying 911 of the road closure.

2020 Census Report - Nothing new to report.

Stormwater Management Ordinance - Covered under the MS-4 discussion.

Dime Building Light Fixtures - Mr. George Suppers stopped in and was to call Mr. Duriancik and give him a quote.  He said he could do all three lights for what the other company wanted for one light.  Mr. Steve Potoka will be called to see if he is interested in submitting a quote.



Mr. Tom Passarelli asked when Elm and Bee Streets are paved, where is the water going to drain from Bee Street?  Mr. Shannon said he couldn't answer that and asked Mr. Duriancik if he could answer it.  Mr. Duriancik explained that we are going to berm the sides of the roads and it's going to go where it's going to go.  Mr. Passarelli stated that it used to go into the ball diamond, that's why he's wondering if it will still go into the ball diamond or will they change the route of it.  Mr. Duriancik said he doesn't have an answer for where it's going to go;  the road is going to be 2" higher than it is now, so the water should probably go off to either side.   Mr. Shannon added that the road will be crowned better when the project is done and the water should be dispensed more evenly.

Mr.  Jeff Retter stated there are still a lot of potholes on Locust Road; they are terrible.


The next regular monthly meeting will be held on May 15, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Community Building, North Vandergrift.

There being no further questions or comments, Mr. Duriancik moved to adjourn at 7:25 pm and Mr. Filo seconded it.

Respectfully submitted,


Mary E. Ralston                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Secretary-Treasurer