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Meeting Date : Monday May 15th, 2017
Meeting Minutes

Parks Township

Board of Supervisors

May 15, 2017

The Parks Township Board of Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on May 15, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Community Building, 26 Jackson Street, North Vandergrift.

MEMBERS PRESENT:            F. L. Shannon, Chairman                                                                                                 Paul R. Duriancik, Vice-Chairman                                                                                                        Thomas M. Filo, III, Member                                                                                          Mary E. Ralston, Secretary-Treasurer

VISITORS PRESENT:             Joe Seren,  Jeff Retter, Brenda Milliman, Deb Belles, Art Walker, John A. Voyten, Gregg  Artman

OTHERS PRESENT:                Chief Doug Ciuca, Parks Township Police

Mr. Shannon called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm following the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Copies of the Agenda, Minutes, Treasurer's Report, and Bill Payment List were posted on the bulletin board for review.  Public comments will be taken at the end of the meeting.  Mrs. Ralston was taping the meeting.

Mr. Duriancik requested that a moment of silence be observed for Mr. Paul Munko, a life-long resident of the Township who always helped out the Township as much as he could.  He passed away yesterday; may he rest in peace.

Mr. Filo made a motion to adopt the Minutes of the April 17, 2017 meeting; Mr. Duriancik seconded it and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.

Mrs. Ralston informed the Board that a Police Pension CD will mature on May 22, 2017; she won't know what the rates are until Wednesday.  The Fire Escrow money for the house on Grant Street is still in our account as nothing has been done with the house that burned.  Mr. Duriancik moved to accept the Treasurer's Report for April 2017; Mr. Filo seconded it and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  Receipts were $82,899.16 and expenditures were $50,963.18 leaving a total balance of $312,427.10 (General Fund - $48,684.09; Capital Funds - $37,308.68; Fire Escrow - $13,956.94; State Fund - $194,184.01; and Street Light Fund - $18,293.98).

Mr. Duriancik asked about the payment to Joshua Swank.  Mrs. Ralston told him that Mr. Swank was the instructor  for mandatory CPR and AED police training.    Mr. Duriancik also asked about the payment to Ed's Tire & Auto Service for work done on the 2012 Charger; Chief Ciuca said it was for a tie rod end.  Mrs. Ralston clarified that the payment to PTMA was for water at the Dime Building and Sewage at the Community Building.  Mr. Duriancik then moved to approve the Bill Payment List for April 13 thru May 10, 2017; Mr. Filo seconded it and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  Each Supervisor stipulated that his vote did not include anything pertaining to himself or any member of his family.


KVWPCA sent a copy of their March 15, 2017 Minutes.

PTMA sent a copy of their March 28, 2017 Minutes.

Walsh Equipment invited the Supervisors to attend their regional open house scheduled for Thursday, June 15th, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.


Police Report - Mrs. Ralston read the Police Report for April 1 thru April 30, 2017.

Maintenance Crew - Mr. Duriancik reported that the Crew mostly worked on Kepple Hill; they had to return a couple times because of run-off from a driveway on Elk Avenue that continues to be a problem; most of the pipes have been installed; but, some of the outlets need to be addressed.  He made a motion to order a load of #4 stone, or whatever is about the size of a softball in diameter; Mr. Filo seconded it and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  Mr. Duriancik noted that he gave each of the Supervisors a list of things that need done on the roads and he would like to discuss this later on in the meeting.


Parks Committee - Mrs. Ralston joined the members of the Parks Committee to inspect the three parks on May 9th and gave the Supervisors the following report :

North Vandergrift Park -

  • Small sliding board seat has a large hole about 12" in diameter; needs removed and replaced.

  • New I-Bolts are needed for the swing set; the hardware for the seats needs looked at; one mat under the swings is all broken up.

  • See-Saw is in bad shape; Mr. Gene Bell tightened some bolts; tires need replaced; the Committee would like to have it removed and a new play structure installed.

  • New wood is needed for the tops and seats of the two larger picnic tables; the 4 smaller tables need pressure washed.  The new table at the Dime Building needs brought in.

  • New wood is needed for the two benches near the pavilion and the one near the basketball court.

  • Weeds near the bridge need cut.

  • Mulch needs added to the play area as the geotextile fabric is sticking up in several places; plus the existing mulch is really compacted and below the borders.

  •  The pavilion, picnic tables, benches, and swing set need painted.

  • The pavilion roof is to be replaced by volunteer company (Sherrie Polka is arranging for this).

Kiskimere Park -

  • Mulch needs added to the tops of the borders.

  • Top soil needs added to the outside of the borders.

  • New wood is needed for the bench at the basketball court.

  • Tables need pressure washed.

  • A hole in the ceiling of the pavilion in the right corner, lower side, needs closed off as bees nest there.

  • The base of the cement post at the fence of the basketball court needs filled in.

  • The pavilion, bench, picnic tables, and swing set needs painted.

  • The dusk-to-dawn light needs fixed.

  • The handicapped parking space needs redone.

Kepple Hill Park -

  • Drainage problems need corrected.

  • The sod area of the playground needs removed, new geotextile fabric and stone added, and new mulch installed.

  • Bolts are sticking up in the Blue Ramp.

  • On the Monkey Bars, where the first loop meets the side, it is all rusted and cracked at the weld.

  • Downspouts on the pavilion need repaired or possibly replaced.

  • Picnic tables need pressure washed.

  • A brace on the basketball court needs fixed.

  • The pavilion, picnic tables, and swing set need painted.

Also, new signs are needed at each park and there are new grills to be installed in all three parks.

Mrs. Belles and Mrs. Milliman discussed asking the fire department to power wash the picnic tables, and informed the Board that there is topsoil available two houses down from  the Kiskimere Park that can be used to fill in around the border of the play area.     Mrs. Belles reported that Mr. Shawn Rowe, from Dunmire-Kerr Funeral Home, is getting a bench for each park.  The free lunch program starts June 16th and will be at the North Vandergrift and Kiskimere Parks.  Mr. Shannon stated that they will have to get the guys to concentrate on one park at a time.  The ladies stressed that the small slide and the see-saw at North Vandergrift need fixed right away, as they are really dangerous in their current condition.   Mr. Duriancik commented that when you consider all of the parks and all of the roads, it's overwhelming what needs to be done.  It's not only manpower but moneywise as far as the materials that are needed to fix these particular things.  He and Mrs. Ralston attended the Commissioners Town Hall meeting, and they said the Belmont was no longer going to get all the money, that it was going to be spread around to all the townships, but they haven't done that.  Mrs. Ralston checked with DCNR and they said there is no reason wood mulch could not be put over the rubber mulch.  There are places where some of the fabric is sticking up through the mulch in North Vandergrift, so some additional mulch needs added.  Mrs. Belles added that there is a group of kids from the Church of God that want to help with painting at the parks.  Mr. Duriancik stated safety issues must be addressed first, and since the lunches are at North Vandergrift and Kiskimere, those parks should be done first.  Mr. Duriancik added that there are little giddy-up animals that were painted and they can be reinstalled.  Mrs. Ralston will order the signs for all three parks.

 Planning Committee - the Committee spent most of the meeting working on flood maps and parcels.   There are two new file cabinets and they are setting up a system that shows every parcel in the Township that is within or adjacent to the floodplain.  They have identified all the parcels and will set up a file for each one.  The Committee is also going to design a brochure highlighting some of the MS-4 program requirements to use as an educational tool for the public.  Also, the electronics collection on Clean Up Day went very well; they took 33 TVs and 30 other items.  Mr. Duriancik expressed his thanks to Mr. Rob Burkett, Mr. Tim Metzler, Mrs. Debbie Belles, Ms. Sherrie Polka, Mrs. Ralston, and Sgt. Arce for their work on Clean Up Day.  They had 10-12 dumpsters and received $180.00 in donations.  Mrs. Belles added that Mr. Duriancik worked his butt off too.  People were so appreciative.


Pump Station Road Update - Mr. Knepshield needs to return the plans for the Pump Station Road culvert so another company can look at them to give us a quote.

MS-4 Program Compliance; Stormwater Management Ordinance - The Solicitor is making corrections to the draft provided by Senate Engineering; the ordinance will have to be adopted by June.

Laurel Road D & G Project Update - The project has been completed, inspected, and approved; the contractor has been paid; and, all the invoices have been submitted to Mr. Gregg Smith of the Conservation District for reimbursement, including the invoice for the extra pipe that had to be purchased.

Dime Building Light Fixtures - The following three quotes have been received:

  • RLJ Electric (Jerry Jones) -  To Replace with T-5, three lights $600 plus $350-$400 labor; to replace with LED,  three lights $1350 plus $350-$400 labor.

  • Suppers Electric (George Suppers) -  To replace three lights, including labor $1200 or one light $400.

  • P&C Heating and Air Conditioning (Steve Potoka) -To replace five lights $2695; these are for good LED lights, but there are different lights available that are less costly.

Because the quotes are for different types of lights, the Supervisors decided to table this for now until they have a chance to review everything and discuss their options.

Kepple Hill Project Update - Mr. Don Lassiter, of Liberoni Inc., sent an email with proposed changes to the paving project and an estimated increase in price.  Mr. John Poproch, our PennDot representative, said we do not have to make any changes unless we wanted to; these companies put a bid in; the bid package contained exactly what we wanted done; and, since they bid, they have to do that for the amount that they bid.  Nothing was mentioned about scratch and level; and granted it would make a better project but it is not necessary to do it.   Mr. Shannon stated he thought the original bidding was going to be sufficient to do the project.  Mrs. Ralston explained that neither Midland nor Liberoni came to look at the roads and they tried to say she just bid out a certain quantity, but Mr. Poproch did the bid package and he had each road listed and the amount needed for each road.  Mr. Duriancik commented that they came after the fact and that's when they said they did not think this would work; if you try to level the roads the way they are, you are going to run out of material.  Mr. Shannon said according to Mr. Poproch, the way we had it bid, it would suffice, as he's seen a lot worse roads than we have that have been done.   Mr. Shannon said we can't do anything with it until Mr. Poproch talks with Mr. Duriancik.  Mr. Shannon reminded everyone that they had to try to find some money to fix that slide on the back hill too.  Mrs. Ralston said Mr. Pollick called and said they have us scheduled for June 23rd to seal coat Locust, E. 2nd Street, and Kepple Hill Road.  Mr. Duriancik commented that the one call is marked on the back hill, but there's been nothing marked from the gas company yet.  We either need to contact PUC or someone because the gas company is just giving us the run around about the leaks.  Mr. Duriancik also reported that someone stole the flags from our signs, so we will have to get some from Walsh.  Mr. Gregg Artman asked what was going on with the gas lines and Mr. Duriancik explained that the road slid where the two 10" lines come under the road.  Originally, we contacted the gas company and was told that they had abandoned those lines and they weren't concerned about those lines, so they did nothing about it; now that is where the slide occurred.  Senate Engineering came up and said that was part of the problem, as the water is following along those pipes and going right under the road.  Mr. Duriancik said unless something is done with those pipes, he doesn't know what we are going to do with that.  Also, there's a gas leak up there with another line; the road sunk where the gas lines and gas leak are.  The gas company is now working along SR 66, near the old Uncle Charley's; the slide is above that area.  Mr. Duriancik asked if, by not sealing Kepple (the back hill), does that put Locust in jeopardy of getting done in the time frame we have to do it.  Mr. Shannon said they were going to do the seal coating in June, and by some miracle we may have the back hill fixed by then.  Mr. Duriancik said he would not bid this out, but would cut that, have the gas company do something with those pipes, drive some guide rail posts in, fill in with R-7 stone, and build up the road surface.  There was some discussion about calling the news media about the gas company's failure to do anything.


PTVFD Annual Allotment - Mr. Filo moved to disburse the annual allotment of $7,215 to the PTVFD upon receiving the report as to how the funds for last year were used.  Mr. Duriancik seconded it and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  Mrs. MIlliman commented that we give an allocation to the fire department every year, yet when we need to use the social hall for the benefit of the Township, we have to pay for use of the facility.  Mr. Shannon said the Board cannot get involved with how the firemen operate and he suggested they attend a meeting and talk with the firemen.  Mrs. Belles said she had done that.

Teamsters Request for Dates to Negotiate Contract - The Board instructed the Secretary to notify Ms. Betty Rose Fischer that they are available to meet to begin negotiating a new contract on June 20th or 21st, or July 18th or 19th after 3:00 pm.


Mr. John Voyten informed the Board that the ditches at Kiskimere need cleaned, especially past Dana Hart's place where there is no ditch at all; the water needs to be gotten off the road; he had two feet of water in his house due to the fact that water wasn't channeled properly.  He said if the Township took a backhoe up there, he would operate it free of charge and get the ditches cleaned up there. 

Ms. Brenda Milliman stated that the water next to the church is causing her house to shift; it is coming from between the church and Allenworth's place.  She has gone to the insurance company and has sought legal counsel because she didn't know what to do.  Mr. Duriancik said he thought they addressed some of that problem.  Mr. Voyten said there is an old church spring running underground in that area that is about 8 X 8 and about 4 ft. deep that was covered up.  He offered to take Mr. Duriancik up there to look at it.  Mr. Duriancik said as they work in each individual area, they will try to address these issues; what they don't want to do is jump from Kepple Hill to Dime to Kiskimere, etc.  Mrs. Milliman requested that they not wait so long that her house goes down over the hill.  She also commented on the "No Dumping" sign in the church parking lot, stating that people are dumping there all the time.  The Township made Mr. Johnson clean that out at one time, and as a courtesy the Township put the sign up.  She asked about ordinances dealing with property maintenance and rental properties and was told we are working on it, but nothing has been adopted yet.  A rental licensing ordinance is being worked on.

LIST OF WORK NEEDED DONE - Mr. Duriancik reviewed the following list of work that needs done in the Township, asking what are they going to do and what are they not going to do?


  • The parks - Mr. Filo has done a terrific job with those and hopefully he will continue to do something with them.

  • The 2 sidewalks coming off the bridge; the sidewalks along the outside edge of the corner lot along Lincoln Street and Ist Street.

  • Paper alleys (Mr. Duriancik thinks they should be vacated) should be cut with a scythe, not the John Deere mower; he suggested maybe planting trees there; the settling pond area; Community Building.

  • All Township roads, boom mowing and hand trimming around signs and delineators .

  • Cemetery - needs done by Memorial Day.

  • Garbage pickup at the parks; he does not want the workers to have to leave a job site to pick up garbage or to leave a job site because you are going to mow someplace. 

  • Mr. Duriancik would like to hire a seasonal worker;  Mr. Shannon stated that Mr. Couslin will be coming back. 


  • When are we going to start berming Kepple Hill?  Mr. Shannon stated that's where we should start first. However, Russell Standard is coming in June, so maybe Locust should be done first and then go to Kepple Hill.  Mr. Retter said they dug too deep when they graded on Locust, so that will have to be addressed.  Therefore, Locust will be at the top of the list.  Mr. Retter asked if they were doing back to the farmhouse and was told no, they are doing the paved section.  Mr. Duriancik clarified they were going to concentrate on the hill on Locust; some of the deep washouts can be filled with some of the #4 stone we are getting.

  • All the roads in the Dime area need bermed, Laurel, HIckory, Chestnut, Slate Ext., etc.

  • Kiskimere needs some work done, and Mr. Shannon stated the backhoe could probably be used there.

  • Industrial Park Road is in pretty good shape, except some areas have sod coming over the road.

  • North Vandergrift has a little bit that needs done; there's a catch basin by Karen Polka's that needs checked.

  • Outside the Community Building needs bermed.


  • Elm Street needs a pipe and catch basin, depending on the course of action they decide on; they are waiting for a written opinion from the Solicitor, but his verbal opinion was we put in what was there, and no further.  Mr. John Poproch is to come down and look at Elm to make some suggestions. 

  • Next year all of the streets from Kepple down to Riverview need addressed; several driveway pipes are needed.   Some crossover pipes have inlets but no outlets, while others have outlets but no inlets.

  • Kiskimere and Dime need inspected to see what is needed.


  • Kepple Avenue from Filo's driveway down to the catch basin at Kruse's driveway needs addressed; there was a water leak by Filo's that was fixed, but now there is water coming up by what used to be Sappe's place.  They will do a one call for design to see what utilities are there.  Knepshield and Brestensky both are interested in bidding on the job.  There may need to be an underdrain, maybe leading to a solid pipe, and a new catch basin in Kruse's driveway. 

  • Kiskimere Park needs the drainage above the pavilion and around the playground addressed.

  • Kepple Hill Park has a major drainage problem; there either needs to be a settling pond to catch all the water or the swings need to be moved and the water piped along the outside of the play area.  Mr. Duriancik added that the people on Penn Avenue are being flooded, so the only solution may be a settling pond.  Mr. Knepshield and Mr. Braun both agree that would take care of the drainage, but you have to be careful if you are altering the course of the water.

  • Mr. Duriancik stated that Run Road is all marked out for underdrain, but the Municipal Authority is replacing the water line there.  If they are putting a water line in, why can't the contractor put the underdrain in at the same time.  Bankson Engineers are designing the project now, they can be contacted and told about our project.  Mrs. Ralston said when she talked with Bankson, they were going to bid out the project right away so it would be finished before our paving is to take place.  Mrs. Ralston will call Bankson on Wednesday.


  • Kepple Hill Roads - What are we going to do and when are we going to do it?

  • Locust Road - The hill area will be seal coated in June.  We need to look at the road first as some ditches may need filled in, and some berming done.

  • North Vandergrift E. 2nd Street needs to be looked at to see if anything needs done there.

  • Kepple Avenue (the back hill) needs looked at to see what repairs need done first.


  • Major repair would be the back hill by the gas lines.

  • Minor repairs are spot sealing (with buggy and wand) on Ash, Locust, Piper Hill, Maple, Laurel, Birch, etc. Mrs. Milliman stated that another area that needs looked at is on Johnson Street where the manhole is coming down by Hilty's.  Mr. Duriancik said he knew where she was talking about.


  • First thing, they are going to get Locust ready to go.

  • They will remove the teeth from the grader, and once they have the third person, they will start grading.

  • Contact Bankson Engineering about Run Road.

  • Do a one call for a design from Kruse's driveway to Filo's driveway.


The next regular monthly meeting will be held on June 19, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Community Building, North Vandergrift.

There being no further questions or comments, Mr. Filo moved to adjourn at 8:26 pm and Mr. Duriancik seconded it.

Respectfully submitted,


Mary E. Ralston                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Secretary-Treasurer