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Meeting Date : Monday July 17th, 2017
Meeting Minutes

Parks Township

Board of Supervisors

July 17, 2017

The Parks Township Board of Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on July 17, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Community Building, 26 Jackson Street, North Vandergrift.

MEMBERS PRESENT:            F. L. Shannon, Chairman                                                                                                     Paul R. Duriancik, Vice-Chairman                                                                                                     Thomas M. Filo, III, Member                                                                                              Mary E. Ralston, Secretary-Treasurer

VISITORS PRESENT:             Arlene Colecchi, Jay Start, Joe Seren, Heidi Kifer, Brenda Milliman, Debbie Belles, Jeff Shuster

OTHERS PRESENT:                Chief Doug Ciuca, Parks Township Police

Mr. Shannon called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm following the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Copies of the Agenda, Minutes, Treasurer's Report, and Bill Payment List were posted on the bulletin board for review.  Public comments will be take at the end of the meeting.  Mrs. Ralston and Mr. Duriancik were taping the meeting.

Mr. Filo moved to adopt the Minutes of the June 19, 2017 regular monthly meeting.  Mr. Duriancik stated he had some questions on some things, but that's the wording on how this was interpreted; his interpretation and somebody else's interpretation are two different things.  For instance on Locust, they voted to go and seal the paved part of Locust, they did not vote, per se, to do the dirt part.  All they do is jump around when it comes time to get something done; that should have been determined a long, long time ago.  They are jumping from Kepple Hill, then they are up on Locust and he doesn't know where they are going.  Then in the next paragraph, according to Mr. Shannon, they are going to discuss how far they are going to go with it.  He agrees and is glad they are going to do that, but they should have done it right.  Did they get the grader and teeth to break up the road and add material to it; did they do that on Locust?  Did anybody look at it now?  Mr. Shannon said he looked at it a week ago and it looked okay to him at the time.  Mrs. Ralston said Mr. Jeff Retter called and he was very happy with what the guys did.  Mr. Duriancik asked if anyone looked at it, that's all he was asking.  Mrs. Ralston said she just transcribed the words on the tape, she didn't try to interpret them.  He then seconded the motion and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.

Mr. Duriancik made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report for June 2017; Mr. Filo seconded it, and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  Receipts were $33,970.89 and expenditures were $45,011.22 leaving a total balance of $401,139.39 (General Fund -  $155,658.55; Capital Funds -  $31,708.68; Fire Escrow -  $13,956.94; State Fund -  $189,876.68; and Street Light Funds -  $23,895.48).   The FCB Trust Investments Quarterly Report shows a YTD gain of $18,232.96.

Mr. Duriancik asked about Vogel Disposal Service, who merged with Copney, and if we are satisfied with their performance.  He said he has heard a lot of concerns about their pick up schedule, but that could be due to the transition period.  Mrs. Milliman commented that she called them and was told that they do not work holidays and they change drivers for the routes on a weekly basis; if your pickup day is Monday, it can be anytime within that 24-hr period.  Mr. Duriancik made a motion to approve the Bill Payment List for June 15 thru July 12, 2017; Mr. Filo seconded it and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  Each Supervisor stipulated that his vote did not include anything pertaining to himself or any member of his family.


KVWPCA sent a copy of their May 17, 2017 meeting MInutes.

PTMA sent a copy of their May 23, 2017 meeting Minutes.

PTMA sent a copy of their Audit Report for 2016, which was done by DeBlasio & DeBlasio Associates.

PA Dept. of Labor and Industry sent an Audit Report for a 5-yr audit review performed on May 30, 2017 to determine if adequate administration and enforcement of the accessibility requirements of the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) is occurring in Parks Township, where Grant Kanish serves as the Building Code Official.  Parks Township was found to comply with the enforcement of the accessibility and administrative provisions of the UCC.

Ms. Jennifer Bellas, Director of Elections, sent the results of the Municipal Primary held on May 16, 2017.  The following offices will appear on the ballot along with the names of the individuals nominated.

  • Auditor -  6 YR Term                Stefani Belles DEM write-in and REP write-in;               

  • Supervisor - 6 YR Term                       Paul R. Duriancik - DEM                                                                                            Gregg Artman -  REP

  • Tax Collector -  4 YR Term                  Amy Ament Perroz -  REP

Residents Against Illicit Drugs (RAID) sent information on their group and their efforts to reverse Armstrong County's drug mortality rate and the growing Opioid epidemic.


Police Report -  Mrs. Ralston read the Police Report for June 1 thru June 30, 2017. 

Chief Ciuca reported on the Traffic Study he did on Ridge Road.  From the 7th of June thru the 16th of June near 1526 Ridge Road, he collected data that showed 1548 cars were clocked and the 85th percentile was about  40 mph, the average was between 28 and 33 mph.  At the second location near Brown Lane, he collected data from the 16th of June thru the 23rd of June and 882 cars were clocked and again, the 85th percentile was 40 mph with the average ranging  from 27 to 36 mph.   Basically, to set a speed limit you should look at the 85th percentile; so the proper speed limit for that road would be 40 mph.  If you look at the State maintained roads such as Upper Mateer Road and Airport Road, they are posted at 40 mph.  The Chief stated that we have no ordinance on Ridge or Slate Point setting a speed limit and there is only one 25 mph sign at the beginning of each.  Therefore, it is not properly posted and unposted it is 55 mph.  Mr. Shannon asked if it would be realistic to make the roads 35 mph.  Chief Ciuca answered they could do that with the only problem being that anyone ticketed for doing 40 could argue with the Magistrate that the speed limit is too low and should be 40 mph.  Slate Point should be the same, so he will do a study on it.  Mr. Duriancik asked if that would include Slate Point Extension and Chief Ciuca said he would exclude that section of the road.   Mr. Shannon told him to have all the information ready for the next meeting.

Also, Chief Ciuca explained that Craig's List has caused three free signs to be given to us since we have video on the outside of our building.  This means that anyone who is doing a transfer of property, buying or selling thru Craig's List or whatever, they can go to a location that has video.  He has been asked to post these signs in a conspicuous place out front that is visible from the street and within the range of our cameras.  This gives people a safe place to exchange goods and money under the video camera.  Mr. Filo made a motion to post the signs, Mr. Duriancik seconded it, and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.

Chief Ciuca also asked for permission to post 4 signs from the Drug Task Force Office that state Drug Free Zone and list the Task Force Office number at the entrance of each of the parks, one at Kepple Hill, one at Kiskimere, and two at North Vandergrift.  Mr. Filo moved to approve posting the signs, Mr. Duriancik seconded it, and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.

Maintenance Report -  Mr. Shannon reported that other than emergency situations, the crew has been working off the list that was prepared.  Mr. Duriancik stated he checks on them occasionally, but sometimes he can't find them. 


Parks Committee - Mrs. Kifer reported that there are still issues with Community Action and the Summer Lunch Program.  They were audited by Ms. Kelly Diller of the Dept. of Agriculture and passed with no problem, other than it was mentioned there was no running water at any of the parks sites; usually that's an automatic fail but because hand sanitizing wipes were available for the children, they passed.  Mrs. Ralston asked for a copy of the audit report.   Mrs. Kifer reminded the Board that they are still waiting for the grills to be installed and new signs for each park.  Three benches have been donated.  The Committee members praised the work of Mr. Baylee Summerhill, reporting he has done a great job in the parks, not only mowing but cleaning up all the grass clippings, picking up the trash, etc.

Mr. Duriancik said the replacement for the slide in the NV Park is not going to work, plus the Tic Tac Toe game has to be removed.  A new slide would be about $1325.  Mr. Shannon moved to purchase the correct slide to replace the broken one; Mr. Duriancik seconded it, and Mr. Filo made the vote unanimous.  As for the NV swing set, there is movement there that is not in the other two swing sets.  He thinks all the bolts need changed.  When you get bigger kids on the swings, something has to move.  That needs checked out.  Then there's the see-saw; Mr. Gene Bell did a terrific job reinforcing it, but the tires in the ground are all dry-rotted.  They will have to be changed.  Mr. Filo and Mr. Duriancik will look at the North Vandergrift Park.  Mr. Duriancik commented that the Kepple Hill Park is a disaster; there is no temporary fix.  You have too much water coming out of a 15" pipe going into  a catch basin with a 6" or 8" steel pipe.  Mr. Shannon stated they are on a roll with North Vandergrift, why don't they try to get it finished and then move to Kepple Hill.  Kiskimere Park needs some drainage work done; there are two places that need an underdrain installed.  One is towards the basketball court and the other one would be by the play area.  Mrs. Ralston reported that the company that cuts Mrs. Johnson's property had been dumping grass clippings right below our play equipment.  Mrs. Milliman called her, she reported it to Sgt. Arce, who talked with them and they didn't realize it was not Mrs. Johnson's property.

Planning Commission -  Mrs. Ralston reported that there is not much that can be done right now with property maintenance or blighted properties; they are waiting to see what the County is doing.  The Commissioners had appointed a task force to report to them in July, and by August there should be a plan in place.  However, the 10-year  review of our Comprehensive Plan is coming up, and they will start working on that.


Pump Station Road Update -   Nothing new to report.  Mr. Shannon asked Mr. Duriancik to talk with Mr. Knepshield when he sees him.

MS-4 Program Compliance -  The Stormwater Management Ordinance has been given to Senate Engineering.  The only thing left to do is take pictures of all our drops in North Vandergrift, Kepple Hill, and Riverview to be included with our map.  Mr. Duriancik stated that a solution has to be found for all the mud in our parking lot; it is breaking up the parking lot and making a real mess.  He needs to find out just how much property the Slovak Club owns and discuss the problem with them.  Mr. Shannon suggested having somebody look at it and tell us what has to be done.   Mr. Shannon added that there is a big 48" pipe that runs under the Dime Road.  Mr. Duriancik will talk with Chris at the Club.

Kepple Hill Drainage Project Update -  Two quotes were received for installing pipe and two catch basins along Kepple Avenue:  Knepshield Excavating quoted $4,000.00 and Nagy Construction quoted $4,740.00.  With both quotes, the Township would provide the pipe, catch basins, and stone.  There were some differences, specifically concerning driveways.  After much discussion, Mr. Duriancik moved to accept the quote from Mr. Knepshield, especially since he was familiar with all the water lines, and noting that he will ask him about the driveways and clarify the pipe size; Mr. Filo seconded it, and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  The Supervisors discussed Run Road and the terra cotta pipe that was hit.  Several residents have their downspouts running into it.  Mr. Shannon stated that Mr. Rogers was unhappy about the pipe that was put in.  Mr. Duriancik added that the road has not been bermed yet.  Mr. Shannon told the crew to make the outlet deep and put stone in it to dissipate the water; when he checked it again it never was made deeper nor was stone added to it.   The Supervisors will have to address it.

Kepple Hill Road Slide Repair -  Two quotes were received to repair Kepple Avenue/Kepple Hill Road:  Knepshield Ecavating for $4,300.00 and Nagy Construction for $19,470.00.  There were major differences in what was proposed to fix the slide area.  After discussing the proposals and  the gas lines crossing the road,  Mr. Shannon made a motion to send a certified letter to the PUC explaining that this is an emergency situation, the road is still moving, and we are unable to repair it  because  we cannot get the proper information from the gas company.  Mr. Duriancik seconded it and Mr. Filo made the vote unanimous.

Seal Coating Project -  Mrs. Ralston informed the Board that PSATS had issued a statement that MC-70 was no longer an eligible expense for liquid fuels monies.  She checked with PennDot, and that is not true.  Our oil bid expires August 22, and if something happens that Russell Standard cannot get here by that time, we need a letter from Mr. Steve Pollick stating that because of weather, or whatever, they will honor our bid throughout this season.  Russell Standard is in Washington County, they have to do Butler, then they will do Parks Township, Gilpin, and Leechburg all at the same time.  Roads to be sealed are E. 2nd Street, Locust paved, Locust dirt, Kepple Hill Road, and West Penn Road.  Mr. Pollick is aiming for the third week of August.


SPK Engineering Public Meeting for Dime Road Culvert Project -  SPK Engineering requested the use of the Community Building on August 1, 2, 9, or 10 from 4:00 - 6:00 pm to hold a public meeting for a structure replacement project on Dime Road over Stitts Run.  This project will be next year, and they are looking to close the Dime Road.  They will have the Plans here and will answer any questions.  The Board suggested either August 1st or 2nd would be best.  The Secretary will notify SPK tomorrow.

Newton Subdivision Request for Planning Waiver and Non-Building Declaration - Mr. Shannon stated that the Sewage Enforcement has always signed off on these Planning Waivers and Non-Building Declaration forms.  The Supervisors reviewed the map.  The Secretary was instructed to call Ms. Mindy Shea, and if the Sewage Enforcement Agency has approved it, he will sign it.


Mr. Jeff Shuster commented that the crew did a nice job on Locust Road.

Mrs. Brenda Milliman thanked the Supervisors for going to look at her house and attempting to correct the problem, but the water is still running under it; it hasn't slowed down any.  Mr. Duriancik asked if anyone lived in the house across the street where the ramp is located.  Mrs. Milliman said no one lives there now.  Mr. Duriancik stated that the ramp is a problem, if it wasn't there they could grade the road back and restore the ditchline. 


At 8:19 the Board met in Executive Session to discuss a personnel issue.  They returned to the meeting at 8:31pm.  No decision was reached.


The next regular monthly meeting will be held on August 21, 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Community Building, North Vandergrift.  There being no further comments or questions, Mr. Filo moved to adjourn at 8:32 pm and Mr. Duriancik seconded it.

Respectfully submitted,


Mary E. Ralston                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Secretary-Treasurer