Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania
Meeting Date : Monday May 21st, 2018
Meeting Minutes

Parks Township

Board of Supervisors

May 21, 2018

The Parks Township Board of Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on May 21, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Community Building, 26 Jackson Street, North Vandergrift.

MEMBERS PRESENT:            F. L. Shannon, Chairman                                                                                                   Thomas M. Filo, III, Vice-Chairman                                                                                                     Gregory Artman, Member                                                                                                Mary E. Ralston, Secretary-Treasurer

VISITORS PRESENT:             Rev. Scott Kifer, Heidi Kifer, Jeff Retter, Rich Simpson, Debbie Belles, Joseph Seren, Tony  Tvrdovsky, Jay Start, Denise Russick, Joe Russick,                                                 Carson Coulter

OTHERS PRESENT:                Mr. Jethro Claxon, Holbein, Inc.;  Chief Doug Ciuca, Parks Township Police

Mr. Shannon called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm following the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Copies of the Agenda, Minutes, Treasurer's Report, and Bill Payment List were posted on the bulletin board for review.  Public comments will be taken at the end of the meeting.  Mrs. Ralston was taping the meeting.

Mr. Filo made a motion to adopt the Minutes of the April 16, 2018 meeting and Mr. Artman seconded it. 

Mr. Filo moved to accept the Treasurer's Report for April 2018; Mr. Artman seconded it and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  Receipts were $76,185.15 and expenditures were $55,085.16 leaving a total balance of $258,151.09 (General Fund - $17,647.91; Capital Funds - $22,284.28; State Fund - $206,563.39; and Street Light Fund - $11,655.51).

Mr. Filo asked about the payment to NMS Labs and Mrs. Ralston explained that was for blood tests for a DUI arrest.  He then made a motion to approve the Bill Payment List for April 13 thru May 16, 2018; Mr. Artman seconded it and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  Each Supervisor stipulated that his vote did not include anything pertaining to himself or any member of his family.


The advertised bid was for 12,623 S.Y. Single Seal Coat, In Place and 1,583 Ton of Superpave Wearing Course, 9.5mm, In Place.  Anyone wanting to bid had to attend a mandatory pre-bid meeting held on  May 10, 2018 at 10:00 am.  Only one bid was received and that was from Holbein, Inc., PO Box 156, 180 Parker Road, Sarver PA  16055:                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Item                                                                                        Unit Price                              Total Price    

  • 12,623 Sq. Yds. Single Seal Coat, In Place                     3.80                       47,967.40

  • 1,583 S.Y. Superpave Wearing Course, 9.55mm, In Place          100.32                                158,806.56

                                                                                                                                                TOTAL:                 206,773.96

Mr. Jethro Claxon explained that the Single Seal Coat would not be needed because they planned to do two different lifts of the wearing course.  If a single seal coat is put down right away, the oil is just going to disappear.  They will put a scratch and level course on it and then come back and put a steady 1 1/2" on top of all the roadways, which will give a nice tight surface.  It won't have to be seal coated for a couple of years.  Mrs. Ralston asked if that could be done for the same price and Mr. Claxon said yes, for the $158,805.56 they would make two passes, going over the same road twice.  Mr. Artman asked about the real high hump in the middle of Run Road.  Mr. Claxon stated they could try to shape it up with 19mm, but there is no easy way to fix it.  Mr. Shannon clarified that they could do that and take care of the humps.  He also asked if it was ready to be paved now.  Mr. Claxon stated there is some patching that still needs done, especially along the broken edges of the road; and the Water Authority needs to get their castings loose or give them some risers to use.  Where the new basin was put in along Elk Avenue, that stone needs dug out and some material put in.  Mrs. Ralston talked with Mr. Pete Massetto and told him that she would give Mr. Claxon his cell phone number and they could talk directly.  Also, they would go in 3' for driveways.  Start date would be within 2 to 4 weeks.  Mr. Filo made a motion to accept the bid as discussed in the amount of $158,806.56; Mr. Artman seconded it and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  Mr. Shannon asked Mr. Claxon to maintain contact with Mr. Rob Burkett and explain exactly what has to be done.    Mr. Filo added that if the Water Authority gets behind, let them know.  

Mr. Artman asked if the gas company ever fixed the road at Marshall and Elk; Mrs. Ralston answered that Michelle Saxion, People's Gas, called and said a crew had completed repairs.  Mr. Artman will inspect the road.            


KVWPCA sent a copy of their March 21, 2018 Minutes.

PTMA sent copies of their February 27 and March 27, 2018 Minutes.

Gateway Engineers sent notice they are submitting an application for a DEP GP-5 Permit for a natural gas line replacement project located on Dime Road and Stitts Run Road; total length is approximately 1,100 LF.

Ms. Vanessa Groholski, Director of the Vandergrift Library, sent a thank you letter for the annual membership fee of $500.00 to cover all Parks Township residents. 

Research America, on behalf of Peoples Gas, sent a survey to assess their public awareness programs and to measure the overall effectiveness of their communications with local public officials.  The request was sent to Mr. Shannon to be completed.

Mr. David J. Croyle, President of Family-Life Media-Com, Inc., sent an invitation to attend the Launch Party for Armstrong County's new FM radio station 103.7, which is scheduled for noon on Saturday, August 11, 2018. 

Neiswonger Construction & Mining, Inc., sent notice that on April 19, 2018, they purchased the Ridge Limestone Quarry located at 1032 Coleman Road, Saltsburg PA 15681.  They also included a credit application and a Tax Exempt Certificate form.


Police Report - Mrs. Ralston read the Police Report for April 1 thru April 30, 2018.

Maintenance Crew -  Mr. Shannon reported that they've been patching Kepple Hill to get it ready to be paved; Baylee's back and has been taking care of the mowing.  Mrs. Ralston reported that someone called and reported that the grate on Johnson Street, in front of the church, had been smashed in and there's a hole big enough for a child's foot to go through.  A lot of cars was parked on top of it during church services instead of the parking lot.  It needs checked out.  Mr. Artman reported that the backhoe has been fixed; the blades and bristles have come in from Walsh Equipment; and Kepple Hill needs finished so some other work can be done.  Mr. Shannon stated that he had talked with someone from Beech Construction, and if the Township can use the materials from the bridge project on on River Road, they will deliver it to the work site; maybe some can be used on Locust, Maple, and possibly Laurel.   Mr. Artman commented that we have pipes that need replaced, and one calls have been done but they will have to be done all over again because it is taking so long to get ready. 


Parks Committee - Mrs. Belles reported that the Free Lunch Program will start June 13th;  Heidi, Jaime, Tracy, and she attended training at the high school last week.  Sherrie and Karen Polka will be trained when they get back from vacation.  The lunches will be picked up at 11:00 am and all three parks have to serve lunch between 11:30 and 12:30.  Mrs. Ralston gave an update on the Backpacks To Go Program; Ms. Brenda Milliman dropped off a list of products that can be donated.  An account has been set up at the North Apollo Church of God, which will be working with the program.  Donations are needed.  Mrs. Belles stated that the Parks Committee is not going to be involved with the program, as there are some questions about the distribution of the backpacks.  Mrs. Kifer added that there are some other issues that have to be worked out.  Mrs. Belles and Mrs. Kifer clarified that the Lunch Program and the Backpacks To Go Program are separate.  Rev. Kifer reported that because of all the questions raised, his church, House of Hope, could not be involved.  There is also the issue of providing backpacks to elementary school children, when  there are either older or younger siblings at home who are just as hungry.  Mr. Shannon commented that they need to get more answers before the Parks Committee gets too involved.  Mrs. Kifer said there's a need for the food, but a program is needed that will benefit all of our kids.  Mrs. Belles reported that if there is any food left, it can be given out; you don't have to throw it away.  Mr. Shannon told them to continue with the good work.  Mrs. Belles also noted that the Township Crew (Rob Burkett, Jim Couslin, Tim Metzler, and Baylee Summerhill) worked their butts off on Clean Up Day; they did a remarkable job.  Mrs. Ralston added that in all the years we have done this, this is the first year there was not one break between vehicles; sometimes there was a wait while the dumpsters were switched out, but the cars were steady.  Vehicles were backed up through the traffic signal, out the Dime Road, River Road from Leechburg, and coming down Kepple Avenue to Jackson Street.  There wasn't even time to make coffee.  Cars started lining up at 6:45 am and others were still trying to come through at 12:30.   Mrs. Ralston said she would have never  been able to handle it without Debbie Belles and Sherrie Polka helping out; they worked the entire time.  Mrs. Kifer asked about the dumpster at the Kepple Hill Park.   It is dumped regularly but  it stinks really bad, especially during the summertime while the lunch program is being held.  For three years they have asked that it be moved onto the Fire Department's  property so that area can be kept for parking and there would be a nice place to set the Port-A-John.  She asked if there was any hope at all that the dumpster can be moved.   Mr. Shannon referred her question to Mr. Jay Start, Fire Chief, and he stated that it has been setting there a long time.  Mr. Filo stated that he had gotten permission when he was at the Fire Hall for it to be there; he doesn't see any reason to move it.  Mr. Start commented that they put a concrete pad there for it.   Mrs. Kifer asked about the dead animals that crawl in there and get stuck like happened two years ago, which is why they couldn't serve lunches for a week up there.   Mr. Filo told her to let him know if she sees a dead animal there and he will come and take care of it.  Mrs.  Ralston noted that the Port-A-Johns will be delivered before Memorial Day.  Mr. Summerhill will be working on mowing the memorial and cemeteries, and will try to get the grills installed before Memorial Day.  Mrs. Ralston told the Committee to give her a receipt for the flowers for the Memorial and she will reimburse them. 

Planning Commission - The Planning Commission spent most of the meeting discussing the formation of a Land Bank for Armstrong County and what it would mean for the Township.  Mrs. Ralston attended a meeting and participation will be limited to 10 municipalities; we are on the list to participate.  We had submitted 26 houses that need attention.  Everything was sent to the Solicitor for review.  At the meeting County officials were surprised that the municipalities had so many questions and objections to the language in the Agreement.   The Agreement will be revised; Mrs. Ralston asked Mr. Favero to submit his changes to Planning and Development.  Mr. Tvrdovsky reported that he went to the Kiski Area School Board and they are in favor of this program.  The Planning Commission will also be conducting a 7-year review of the Ag Security Program.  Also, Mr. Kifer notified the Supervisors that he has resigned from the Planning Commission because of his wife's health issues and Church responsibilities.  Mr. Shannon thanked him for his service.


Pump Station Road Update - A representative from Beech Construction looked at the Pump Station Culvert and said it would cost at least $260,000.   Mr. Bill Braun had sent a list of pros and cons for a bridge compared to a box culvert; a few years ago he estimated that a GRS Bridge would cost about $79,000 with our guys doing a lot of the work and using the deck and beams we have and he reported that a box culvert that was installed last year was  about $130,000.   The Board voted at the last meeting to replace the bridge, but didn't specify with what type of structure.  The Solicitor advised that as soon as that decision is made, a certified letter should be sent to the three property owners to let them know the bridge is going to be replaced and the steps involved.  In answer to a question from Mr. Carson Coulter, Mrs. Ralston explained that they have to make sure that they have all the necessary permits for whatever type of structure they are installing; all the DEP studies have to be completed; the engineering firm will have to do a survey and complete a design for the project, and the property owners will have to be provided with updates.  Mr. Coulter stated it is starting to erode and destroy his property.

Jackson Street/Alley LVR Project Update -  The project has been completed; Mrs. Ralston is working on the close- out paperwork for the grant.

Truck Purchase - Mrs. Ralston has made several calls and messages have been left but no one has returned any calls. 

Armstrong County Land Bank Formation - This was covered under the Planning Commission report, but Mrs. Ralston added that the Land Bank will work with the Supervisors by asking them where they should start and what is most important and beneficial to the Township; they will then concentrate on those properties first.

Summer Projects Update -

  • Laurel Road - Pipe replacement and removal of large overhanging rock; the Board had talked at one time about getting quotes for this project.

  • Willow Road - Replace 4 pipes; the pipe is bought and the one calls have been done. 

  • Locust Road Slide - They have to look at it.

  • Johnson Street Drainage - Underdrain, new catch basin, and ditch cleaning.

  • Kepple Hill Park Drainage - Mrs. Ralston talked with Mr. Bill Braun and he said what was done in the LVR Project could be done in the Park; in fact, he recommended that two years ago.

  • Maple Road Slide - Nothing has been decided yet.


PTVFD Annual Allotment - Mr. Shannon made a motion to give the Fire Department the annual budgeted allotment of $7,215.00; Mr. Filo seconded it and Mr. Artman made the vote unanimous.

Slovak Club Annual Parking Lot Fee - Mr. Shannon moved to pay the Slovak Club the annual $200 fee for the use of their parking lot; Mr. Filo seconded it and Mr. Artman made the motion unanimous.


Mr. Rich Simpson asked about the paving project for Kepple Hill, what streets.  Mrs. Ralston told him Overlook, Clearfield, Bryan, Marshall, Clarion, Armstrong, Elk, Cell Tower; Kepple Avenue, Run Road, Pleasant View Drive from Kepple Avenue to Erie Avenue, and Erie Avenue.  Next year the Board will apply to the County for a grant to pave the rest of Kepple Hill.

Mr. Jeff Retter asked what they were planning to do with Locust Road and Mr. Shannon said they don't know yet.

Rev. Scott Kifer reported that the Salvation Army in Vandergrift has closed.  The Vandergrift Presbyterian Church will be operating out of Westmoreland County Food Bank, but Armstrong County residents will not have access to it.  House of Hope will be starting an Emergency Fund for anyone needing help; for now they would like to keep it for Parks Township residents.  Parks Township is part of the Food Bank in Apollo operated by Armstrong County, but you have to fall under their guidelines.  House of Hope wants to take care of emergency needs with no waiting time or restrictions.


The next regular monthly meeting will be held on June 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Community Building, North Vandergrift.  There being no further questions or comments, Mr. Filo moved to adjourn at 8:00 pm and Mr. Artman seconded it.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary E. Ralston                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Secretary-Treasurer