Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania
Meeting Date : Monday June 18th, 2018
Meeting Minutes

Parks Township

Board of Supervisors

June 18, 2018

The Parks Township Board of Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on June 18, 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Community Building, 26 Jackson Street, North Vandergrift.

MEMBERS PRESENT:            F. L. Shannon, Chairman                                                                                              Thomas M. Filo, III, Vice-Chairman                                                                                                      Gregory Artman, Member                                                                                          Mary E. Ralston, Secretary-Treasurer

VISITORS PRESENT:             Jeff Retter, Joe Seren, Jay Start, Debbie Belles, Kimberly Trunzo, John Trunzo

OTHERS PRESENT:                Chief Doug Ciuca, Parks Township Police Dept.

Mr. Shannon called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm following the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Copies of the Agenda, Minutes, Treasurer's Report, and Bill Payment List were posted on the bulletin board for review.  Public comments will be taken at the end of the meeting.  Mrs. Ralston was taping the meeting.

Mr. Filo made a motion to adopt the Minutes of the May 21, 2018 meeting and Mr. Artman seconded it.  The Minutes will stand as presented.

Mr. Filo moved to accept the Treasurer's Report for May 2018; Mr. Artman seconded it and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  Receipts were $199,385.17 and expenditures were $73,913.93 leaving a total balance of $383,622.33 (General Fund - $134,694.68; Capital Funds - $22,284.28; State Fund - $206,452.41; and Street Light Fund - $20,190.96).

Mr. Filo moved to approve the Bill Payment List of May 17 thru June 15, 2018.  Mr. Artman seconded it and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.   


KVWPCA sent a copy of their April 18, 2018 Minutes.

PTMA sent a copy of their April 24, 2018 Minutes.

Dominion Energy sent information on their safety and compliance programs.

SPK Engineers sent information on the bridge replacement  on Upper Mateer Road over Stitts Run, along with a map of the area affected.  They were concerned about the width of Ash Road, which is 33 feet, and Piper Hill Road, which is 30 feet.

FEMA sent notification that our Hazard Mitigation Plan was approved; it will expire December 29, 2019.  The County is currently working on updating the Plan.

Gibson-Thomas Engineering sent notification that they are submitting an application on behalf of MAWC for DEP Permits.


Police Report - Mrs. Ralston read the Police Report for May 2018.

Maintenance Crew - Mr. Artman reported that they installed 4 pipes on Willow Road; installed one on Ash Road; Kepple Hill is ready to be paved (scheduled for next week); and Mr. Metzler has been mowing.  Mr. Shannon had them cut up some trees that came down.  They haven't done anything with the catch basin and grate on Johnson Street in Kiskimere; apparently there are several pipes running into the catch basin.


Parks Committee - Mrs. Belles reported that the lunch program started Wednesday and is 100 times better than last year.  So far they are averaging about 90 kids a day; North Vandergrift had 60 on Friday; she is getting between 20 and 25 daily at Kiskimere, and Mrs. Kifer is averaging 20-25 at Kepple Hill.  They are meeting tomorrow to set up a party for the last day of the lunch program.  They are also working on the fall craft show.  Mr. Summerhill has been doing an excellent  job on the parks and Mr. Metzler has been doing a great job mowing with the Massey.  Mr. Shannon said it's a good thing they are giving the extra lunches away instead of pitching them in the trash. 

Planning Commission -  The meeting was cancelled.


Pump Station Road Update - Mrs. Ralston met with Mr. Terry Bowser to look at the project area; he didn't think it would be too difficult a job.  He said if we do a culvert, the company would set it down; all he would have to do is dig out to put the culvert in, take the pipes out, spread the stone, and do the road surface over the culvert.  He estimated a minimum cost of $5,000 not to go over $7,500 if there was a problem.  The Township would provide all materials.  Mr. Shannon said that's the most encouraging news he's heard about that project in years.  Mrs. Ralston called Engineer Bill Braun because we will have to get a new DEP Permit.  She provided a copy of Senate's Proposal to design drawings for a new aluminum box culvert, apply for a new permit, and anything else that might be needed for $2,500.00.  Mr. Filo made a motion to accept Senate's Proposal; Mr. Artman seconded it, and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.  They will research whether a cement or aluminum box culvert would be best.

Kepple Hill Paving Project - This is scheduled for next week and the Police will notify everyone to have their vehicles off the streets.

Truck Purchase - The truck won't be ready until about August. 

Armstrong County Land Bank Formation - There's nothing new to report; it's moving forward.

Summer Projects Update:

  • Laurel Road - Pipe Replacement and Removal of Large Overhanging Rock - We need to get some more quotes.

  • Willow Road - Replace 4 Pipes - This has been completed.

  • Locust Road Slide - White's Excavating is going to look at it and make some suggestions.

  • Johnson Street Drainage - A catch basin will be installed and a pipe replaced.

  • Kepple Hill Park Drainage - Mr. Bill Braun is coming next week to look at it and advise what should be done.

  • Maple Road Slide - The engineer needs to look at it, if we want to get a Low Volume Road grant to repair it.


KVWPCA Pine Run Interceptor Line Acquisition - KVWPCA sent a request to the Supervisors to approve the acquisition of an interceptor line running through Allegheny Township that carries waste from Washington Township; there must be unanimous approval from all 13 participating municipalities.  Washington Twp. pays Allegheny Twp. about $90,000 a year to utilize that line.  The Townships are not getting along too well, and Washington Twp. wants to build their own line, which will force the Authority to expand the Kiski Valley Beaver Run Pump Station that could cost in the neighborhood of one million dollars.  KVWPCA is required to take all waste from  participating municipalities, regardless of what lines are used and what pump stations are nearby.  They can buy the line from Allegheny Twp. for about $100,000.  Parks Township and East Vandergrift have not replied yet.  Mr. Shannon added that Mr. Pete Massetto stated this is in our best interests; this is the most economical option.  The Supervisors reviewed the attached map and cost estimate of any needed repairs and updates.  Mr. Filo stated he does not want us to have to pay increased rates because of this.  Mr. Artman made a motion to approve the acquisition of the interceptor line; Mr. Filo seconded it, and Mr. Shannon made the vote unanimous.

Letter of Resignation - Mr. Shannon reported that Mr. Scott Kifer resigned from the Planning Commission, but the Board cannot accept his resignation until they get a letter from him, nor can they appoint someone else to that position.


Mrs. Kimberly Trunzo was very upset and agitated about the trailer located at 1259 Jefferson Street, stating she wanted something done about it.  Mr Shannon told her that these things she was talking about did not belong in this public meeting.  If she had a complaint, to file a complaint in writing and they will tend to it.  They are not going to tolerate any outbursts at a public meeting; any complaints must be in writing.


The next regular monthly meeting will be held on July 16, 2018 at 7:00 pm in the Community Building, North Vandergrift.

There being no further questions or comments, Mr. Filo moved to adjourn at 7:40 pm and Mr. Artman seconded it.

Respectfully submitted,


Mary E. Ralston                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Secretary-Treasurer