Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania Parks Township, Pennsylvania
Meeting Date : Monday May 17th, 2021
Meeting Minutes

                                                                                       Parks Township                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Board of Supervisors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          May 17, 2021

The Parks Township Board of Supervisors held their regular monthly meeting on May 17, 2021 at 7:00 pm in the Community Building, 26 Jackson Street, North Vandergrift.

MEMBERS PRESENT:   Thomas M. Filo, III, Chairman                                                        Gregory Artman, Vice-Chairman                                                                                                                        Scott Kifer, Member                                                                        Mary E. Ralston, Secretary-Treasurer

 VISITORS PRESENT:    Jeff Retter, Rich Simpson,  Cindy Reilly, Ken Reynolds Jr, Gene Bell, Joe Seren   

 OTHERS PRESENT:       Chief Doug Ciuca, Parks Township Police;  Sgt. John Arce, Parks Township Police

Mr. Filo called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm following the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  Copies of the Agenda, Minutes, Treasurers Report, and Bill Payment List were posted on the bulletin board for review.  Public comments will be taken at the end of the meeting. 

 Mr. Artman made a motion to adopt the Minutes from the April 19, 2021 regular monthly meeting.   Mr. Kifer seconded it, and Mr. Filo made the vote unanimous. 

 Mrs. Ralston presented  the Treasurer's Report for April 2021.  Mr. Artman moved to accept the Treasurer's Report; Mr. Filo seconded the motion and Mr. Kifer made it unanimous.  Receipts for April were $73,125.48 and expenses were $53,384.06 leaving a total balance of $329,987.82.  (General Fund – $33,913.45; Capital Fund – $7,008.68; State Fund - $288,914.20;  and Street Light Fund – $7160.17).     

 Mr. Filo made a motion to approve the Bill Payment List for April 16, 2021 through May 13, 2021 and Mr. Artman   seconded it; Mr. Kifer made the vote unanimous.  Each Supervisor stipulated that his vote did not include anything pertaining to himself or any member of his family. 


The Vandergrift Public Library sent a thank you letter for the $500 check to cover library memberships for Parks Township residents for 2021.


 Police Report – Mrs. Ralston read the Police Report for April 1, 2021 through April 30, 2021.

 Maintenance Crew – Mr. Artman reported that  the crew started berming and ditching the roads; we rented a grader for a month because ours is junk and we aren’t putting any more money into it.  So far two and a half roads have been completed.  Mr. Artman stated that if anyone had any suggestions, please tell him.  He asked Mr. Gene Bell if he would consider coming to work for the Township and they discussed several road issues.

 Mr. Filo reported that with the resignation of Ms. Summerhill, Ms. Jeanna Cerra was hired as Assistant Secretary.


 Parks Committee -  There was no meeting held.  Lowes has been contacted for replacement parts for the fence at the Veterans Memorial; Mr. & Mrs. Kifer provided and planted flowers at the Memorial.  Mr. Gene Bell voiced concern about dogs crapping throughout the North Vandergrift Park, people parking on the grass, and signs that need to be replaced.  The Secretary was instructed to ask the Solicitor if we need an ordinance for dogs and their waste; and to ask for suggestions on how to enforce Park Rules.  Mr. Ken Reynolds stated poop is a form of toxic waste.  Mr. Bell stated that the equipment at the other two parks was much better than that in North Vandergrift, where many repairs are needed and the equipment updated.  Mrs. Ralston explained that  North Vandergrift Park was done in 2003 and  Kepple Hill and Kiskimere Parks were updated in 2009.  Mr. Bell added that a speed bump or something is needed on the alley before some kid is hit.  Mr. Filo explained that the Township is not permitted to install speed bumps.  All of the parks are due for an inspection, which should be done every year.  Mr. Bell told Mr. Kifer that they were supposed to meet before the pandemic started.  Mr. Bell also expressed concerns that people are actually parking in the park; no one is paying any attention to the posted signs.  Mr. Kifer stated that if we are going to enforce all the rules at all the parks, we need to have 4 signs at each corner of each park stating what the rules are. Any worn out sign will be replaced.  Mrs. Ralston reported that there is about $1800 in a separate Parks account that can be used.  Mr. Artman added that someone has been mowing the Memorial.  Since the same fence panels are no longer available, the Supervisors approved purchasing two different panels to place on each end.  The Secretary will contact Niki’s Quick Six about the fence at the Veterans Memorial, the parking curb blocks and the broken fence panel; perhaps she would make a donation towards the fence repair.  Mr. Bell asked if there was going to be a clean up day and Mr. Filo told him we are thinking about one in the fall.  Hopefully we can use money from the American Recovery money to cover the cost.  There was some discussion about the accumulation of trash throughout the Township; what happens when citations are issued; and fines levied.  Chief Ciuca explained that our ordinance does not cover daily citations and should be updated so that each day is a separate offense.

Planning Commission – There was a meeting on May 10th but only two members showed up.  The next meeting is on June 14th at 6:00 pm.  Meeting dates might have to be changed so more members can attend.  Mr. Filo made a motion to appoint the Secretary-Treasurer as a member of the Planning Commission and Mr. Artman seconded it.  Mr. Kifer made the vote unanimous. 


Locust Road – Senate Engineering reviewed the bids and a discussion was held with the Solicitor.  Bids received from Tim Fouse Excavating LLC and White’s Excavation were rejected because they didn’t include a bid bond.  Out of the four remaining bids, Terry Bowser Excavating (Wolf Creek Valley LLC) had the lowest bid at $18,500.00.  Both the engineers and Solicitor recommended that the bid be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder, which was Terry Bowser Excavating.  Mr. Filo moved to award the bid to Terry Bowser Excavating; Mr. Artman seconded it and Mr. Kifer made the vote unanimous.  While replacing pipe and working on the ditch line, there was an excessive amount of water that needs to be controlled.  Mr. Artman will meet with Mr. Bowser to come up with a solution.  This repair will be separate from the landslide repair and the awarded bid.  The water problem will have to be fixed before the Landslide Repair Project can start.

 Maple Road  and Summer Projects – Mr. Artman stated he has not had time to meet with Mr. Bill Braun to inspect Maple Road, but hopes to schedule a meeting in the near future.  After a brief discussion, the Board decided to meet with Mr. Gregg Smith of the Armstrong Conservation District to discuss possible grants (Low Volume and Dirt & Gravel) and to verify if Ridge Extension can be returned to a dirt road.  Maple Road is listed by the County as a dirt road, so could be totally torn up and reconstructed.  The maximum grant amount would be about $40,000, unless you have a better idea for maple.  The grant would cover all materials (stone, pipe, catch basis).  The grant wouldn’t pay anything for labor unless the project was contracted out.  Mr. Artman said we might have to contract it if we want it done right.  There was some discussion about Ridge Extension and what could be done.  Ridge Road was tarred and chipped several years ago and is still in good condition.  The Supervisors briefly discussed Laurel and Garvers Ferry from the Dime Road to the Gravel Bar Road intersection.  Mr. Kifer suggested putting slow-down grooves on the Garvers Ferry Road hill, but Mr. Bell said those grooves would quickly fill up.  The Board agreed the best action would be to close the hill for the winter and use Gravel Bar Road.  The Secretary asked if the Supervisors wanted to consider paving Kiskimere Roads for a Multi-Modal grant application, which is due the end of June.  We could easily tar and chip Ridge Extension, Laurel, and Willow this year.  Mr. Artman said Ridge has to be fixed first, which means ripping it up and putting a base down.  He commented that it would be better as a dirt road.  Mr. Bell said you would have to put calcium o it to keep the dust down  Mr. Artman stated the best road we have, and that has held up well, is Oak.  The Secretary explained that Russell Standard used their LBM product to pave Oak; the LBM was made on site about ten years ago.  The Secretary will contact Russell Standard to get updated information.

 Ordinance to Vacate Pump Station Road Update  - After some research, the Secretary discovered that the Ordinance had been advertised in March 2020 and the Supervisors voted to adopt it; however, that was not included in the Minutes for that meeting.  The Solicitor advised that the Board needed to affirm the action taken and add an appendage to the Minutes when the Agreement to Vacate was signed.  Mr. Kifer moved to affirm that the Ordinance was adopted; Mr. Filo seconded it and Mr. Artman made the vote unanimous.

 Dehumidifiers for Community Building Update – The Supervisors discussed if they should purchase two or three dehumidifiers.  Mr. Kifer will research different models and send the information to the Secretary.


 Traffic Study Grant Street – Chief Doug Ciuca conducted a Traffic Safety Study on Grant Street with the determination and feasibility of making the street a One Way street from the eastern end (Route 66) to the western end (Firsts Street).  The roadway width was measured at three locations and varied from 12 foot 1 inch to 14 foot 7 inches.  The clear sight distance at Route 66 is 233 feet; the minimum for a 45 MPH roadway is 383 feet. Chief Ciuca recommended making Grant Street a One Way roadway from east to west as the roadway is narrow and the exit onto Route 66 has insufficient clear sight distance.  He also recommended that a “Do Not Enter” signage be placed 96 feet from the first Street intersection due to parking areas behind two Washington Street residences and the Stiitt Machine Shop as well as the driveway at 1198 Grant Street.  Based on PennDOT publication, the residents along Grant Street should be notified in writing at least 30 days prior to enactment of the One Way provision.  Mr. Kifer made a motion to have the Solicitor prepare the ordinance; Mr. Artman seconded it and Mr. Filo made the vote unanimous.

 Email and Computer Updates – The Supervisors discussed different options for individual Township email accounts. Mr. Filo had one quote but didn’t want to release the amount until more quotes are received.  Mr. Kifer said the emails through Go Daddy are $3.00 a month. 

 Audits-  The Supervisors were provided with copies of the 2020 Municipal Annual Audit and Financial Report, Police Pension Plan Compliance Audit, Non Uniform Pension Plan Compliance Audit, and Estermyer & Associates Audit.

Hyde Park Borough Municipal Aid Agreement – Mr. Filo suggested that they look into the Mutual Aid Agreements we have and Table this item until the next meeting.


 Mr. Ken Reynolds asked about Grant Street and pulling out.


 The next regular monthly meeting will be held June 21, 2021 at 7:00 pm in the Community Building, North Vandergrift.

 There being no further questions or comments, Mr. Artman moved to adjourn at 8:17 pm; Mr. Kifer seconded it and Mr. Eilo made the vote unanimous.   

 Respectfully Submitted,



  Mary E. Ralston